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Finding Django version number

Simple to find, yet its needed sometimes. Posting just for reference: Open python and do type the following:

import django

14 thoughts on “Finding Django version number

  1. Thanks, this is something so simple (and could have taken a while), I’m glad you said it nice and concisely!

  2. You’d be better off using:

    import django

    This parses the version number properly and if you’re using a SVN checkout, will display the commit id as well.

  3. yes

    is a lot friendlier

    >>> import django
    >>> django.VERSION
    (1, 2, 3, ‘final’, 0)
    >>> django.get_version()

  4. first type in “python” in cmd! then “import django”, and then “django.VERSION” :))) I had some problems untill I figure it out you must type in “python” …Sry I’m a newbie!

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