appz · winamp

Winamp: Enqueue as default action

If you have winamp installed and you have allowed winamp to manage your media file associations then it's possible to change the default behaviour from 'play' to 'enqueue', i.e when you double click the file it should enqueue the media file as last item on current playlist rather than playing it. This feature comes in handy when… Continue reading Winamp: Enqueue as default action

ActiveSupport · Rails

Defining customized Date / Time format in Rails

Generally to display customized Date / Time in rails we use helper method like: # formats the date def show_date(date)   date.strftime("%B %d, %Y") end But there is another better way to do this, injecting customized rules in respective DATE_FORMATS hash of ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions module. # define this in your environment.rb # Default date/time format ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::Date::Conversions::DATE_FORMATS.merge!(:standard… Continue reading Defining customized Date / Time format in Rails

love · maths

Maths: New language of love

When it comes to love people find numerous ways to express it, but can maths helps ?  surely it can ! Check out Suss ! What's suss ? it's an alzebric surface represented by equation: (x2+9/4y2+z2-1)3 - x2z3-9/80y2z3=0 and what it represents ? Heart ! Don't believe me, check out this page: simply amazing… Continue reading Maths: New language of love