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Installing Ubuntu 8.04 server on VirtualBox

If you are getting the following error on installing Ubuntu 8.04 server on VirtualBox:

The kernel requires the following features not present on the CPU 0:6
Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU

Then, you need to enable the PAE support for the virtual machine.

Follow the screens:

1. Open the settings for the machine (Ctrl + S).

2. Check the Enable PAE/NX bit.


23 thoughts on “Installing Ubuntu 8.04 server on VirtualBox

  1. Hi, I tried this but had to realize that I don’t have such a button.

    I only have the 3 Button ACPI/IOAPIC/VT.

    Is it possible that this is a new feature only available in newer Versions? I’m still on 1.5.6

  2. Henning I tried the method listed above but it didn’t suited me for the following reasons:

    1. First I have to download that bulky kernel and install it, its both bandwidth and time consuming.

    2. By installing older kernel you are degrading urself (unless it’s the only option left i wudn’t recommed it)

    3. There was an easier option available.

    But still thanks for pointing out the link at-least it’s good that an alternative exists.

  3. Thanks for this info! I found this blog entry with google and it was just what I needed to have my test server running.

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