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Winamp: Enqueue as default action

If you have winamp installed and you have allowed winamp to manage your media file associations then it’s possible to change the default behaviour from ‘play’ to ‘enqueue’, i.e when you double click the file it should enqueue the media file as last item on current playlist rather than playing it.

This feature comes in handy when you have a really large mp3 collection (like I posses ! :)) and you find-and-listen songs on runtime. At those peak moments (when your ears are craving for some quality music) right clicking on each file and selecting ‘Enqueue in Winamp’ can be a bit annoying.

How to enable this option:

1. Open Winamp.

2. Press Ctrl + P (to show preferences.)

3. Browse inside General Preferences > File Types

4. Select the option on right that says: “Enqueue files on double click in Windows Explorer (default is unchecked)”

5. Restart Winamp.

6. Try opening some media files and it should enqueue them by defualt.

7. Hoorrray !!!

7.1 An instant update:

I followed my own foot-steps and alas ! I failed to get this working. 😦

Well don’t know the exact reason for this (my be because of vista or may be a bug in winamp 5.3) but I found a way out to get it working. Here it is:

7.2 (Yes, we are still on the same line ;)) Open Registry Editor.

7.3 Browse to HKCR > Winamp.File > shell

7.4 Change the default value in key from ‘Play’ to ‘Enqueue’

7.5 Hooray finally !


Extra’s: If you want to do the same for playlists, do the same for Winamp.Playlist key.


4 thoughts on “Winamp: Enqueue as default action

  1. An Update: I found out that the above settings will also work if Winamp is executed with elevation. Simply right click winamp and select ‘Run as Administrator’ and it’ll be able to set the requested play mode.

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