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Winamp: Auto tag feature

I wanted to blog about this feature from so long (as it got released with Winamp 5.5 a long way back), but I couldn’t find enough time to do this.This weekend however, I had decided to use this feature heavily to tag almost all of my mp3s and hence I decided to blog about it too.

So what I’m talking about ? Auto-tagging in Winamp 5.5

It’s a new feature introduced in Winamp 5.5 that tags your mp3 files using the Gracenote’s CDDB server. It doesn’t relies on any kind of meta-data present in file, neither it does uses the file name for this purpose. I suspect it sends some kind og hash (that I’ll have to hack around …).But what stands out is that Winamp was even able to tag a file name “dsfdsferfermvmev.mp3″ correctly.

Using this feature you can tag and categorize unused songs in your mp3 archieve.

How to find this feature in Winamp:

There are two ways to use this feature:

1. Double click on the scrolling title(or press Alt-3) to open file info dialog, in bottom right you’ll see Auto-tag button (for tagging a single file).


2. Create a playlist and select files and then right click on them, select send-to and select Auto-tag (for tagging multiple files in one go).


A word of caution:

Nothing is perfect ! so is this. Please keep an eye on the results of the auto-tagging, if you suspect anything wrong don’t apply the tag at all.

Renaming files based on their tags

Now what to do when your files have been tagged, but still their names are like r3rff34f.mp3, well you can use any software available in the market that can rename files based on their tag information or you can use the following ruby-script to rename them.

Click here


28 thoughts on “Winamp: Auto tag feature

  1. Thanks!… After searching for days for an autotagger that is as good as MUSICMATCH was, I heard that WINAMP could do this. I couldn’t find any way to get tags from WINAMP till I stumbled on your explaination. Thank you SOOO much!

  2. i donno why my winamp dosnt show me the Send to menu option at all.. i m using the latest winamp 5.53 .. but i m not able to see this send to menu option on right click at all..

    can anyone help me with this?

  3. @bloodyc: Re-install your winamp and make it sure it’s the latest version available and remember to select all components in installation.

    Hope this helps you !

    1. that’s nice sazwqa, but I don’t like installing EVERY component, especially the nasty advertising and sponsers and toolbars that come with the new versions of winamp. do you know specifically which component will enable the send to auto tag function?

      1. This was EXACTLY my problem as well. Fuck all that extra garbage.

        In case anyone still wonders, you have to install ‘Local Media’ besides Autotag, to make the ‘send to autotag’ screen show up. Took me a few times reïnstalling to figure this out. Hope it helps anyone 🙂

      2. This was EXACTLY my problem. Fuck all that garbage

        In case anyone still wonders, you have to install ‘Local Media’ besides Autotag, to make the ‘send to autotag’ screen show up. Took me a few reïnstallations to discover this.

  4. This is a great feature! Winamp uses GraceNote service []
    But there is plenty of others too. Like Musicbrainz (used by amarok) []

  5. Winamp is fine, and the auto tag works very well, but when i play a song from a file(that is a file in My Documents, i.a.w i opened it from a file from my computer) and auto tag it, it must rename the file name as well, how do i do that? I used ID3v1 and ID3v2 but dont rename that file, it is frustated to rename manually, HELP PLEASE

  6. I have been using the ‘auto-tag’ feature for a long time but its not working only recently. I have just changed the OS of my computer, installed Winamp 5.541 and tries to use the ‘auto-tag’ feature. But it gives an error saying,’No match found.’ The surprising part is that such type of error was never displayed earlier. Please note that I had the same version of Winamp earlier too.

  7. If you auto tag a compilation album where a track exists on more than one album it will get the album and track number completely wrong. Very clever feature, but I only see this working for singles or odd tracks that you don’t have any ID3 data for.

  8. Winamp’s autotagging feature is phenomenal….I have used it to tag almost my entire mp3 collection (46k items) and only have a problem come up every once in a while. Some compilations may cause a problem, but that’s minimal. I generally open up my entire ML, select all, then Sendto ->Autotag.

    The only problem you’ll have is when you can’t tag the file at all (corrupt mp3 file or file is read-only). Otherwise…top notch.

    Great way to included the year, etc, too

    Side note: Why can’t it download the album art automatically, too? That would rock!

  9. I discovered this feature recently and it looked amazing at first. but then I noticed that files tagged by auto-tag feature became unaccessible/locked. I cannot copy or move them!!! editing id3 tag is also impossible!

    I tried to unlock them with Unlocker, then I tried to change the ownership of files, but nothing worked! help, please!

  10. The Auto-Tag button is not present (version 5.63, Windows 7). How do I turn it on? I’ve searched the Help page and the FAQs, and a search in your search bar sends me to a third-party page that doesn’t even cover Winamp.

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