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Caret browsing in Firefox

Well I really don’t know If this is really a good topic for a post, but I feel it’s really worth so here it is.

How many times we have wanted that we could use our keyboard to select some text from a webpage instead of mouse. Wouldn’t it be better if you could select some text using up-down and shift and could copy the selected part using just Ctrl+C and paste it using Ctrl+V ?

Well I really needed something like this but since it wasn’t too important to talk about so kept it like a lurking desire.

Enter the Caret Browsing feature (particularly in FF, since I am not using IE now), just press F7 and it prompt you that F7 toggles Caret Browsing, click Yes and here you go.

Just click your mouse pointer once inside your webpage and you could do whatever we discussed above.

Try it !


4 thoughts on “Caret browsing in Firefox

  1. Good feature you got to my notice, makes things pretty much easy, specially in winters, no mouse (or actually very less of it) is a good thing to go by.

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