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Sample test post from MSN Live Writer

Hi all,

  • I am writing this post from inside the MSN Live Writer and let’s see what are its capabilities.
  • It has a spell-checker inbuilt.
  • It automatically customizes your post width according to you weblog.
  • Facility to load images.  Capture
  • It’s auto numbering feature doesn’t works 😦
  • It also provides to add links, like this.
  • Ummy, it provides me to view how my blog post will look in real time before posting.(just press F12 for that)
  • Lemme insert some tables in it :
    this is  a
    sample table

ok this is a sample block quote

well i can say for sure that i’m impressed by now ! since i hate to goto the live site to write my blogs and now i think i found the easy way out !


let’s see if there are any more features to reveal or else shd i commit this post …

ok it has ability to insert map from

 ok that’s all I can find in a 10 minute time and yeah it impresses me a lot … !

So I hope I shall be looking forward a huge community behind this nifty yet time-saver tool.

cya !


hey one minute i forgot to tell u where to get this great application .

so here’s the link : download



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