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Real performance enhancing addons for Firefox

Well there are many addons for the already power packed browser Firefox, but installing to many of them or installing heavy addons that take up huge system resources prove to be of no use at all.

I faced such useless addons in past and I always wished that I could have a standard set of addons that I could install without even thinking once.

So here after a bit of research I got my primitive list of addons, that actually do what they intended to do without taking much of resources and add boastful of utility to the browser.

So here’s the list :

  1. Bookmarks – to access and add your bookmarks from browser.
  2. PDF Download – to get a nice menu while opening PDF, instead of browser hanging.
  3. StumbleUpon – to explore really good stuff from the internet.
  4. Firebug – the messiah of web development, normal users can skip this.
  5. Adblock Plus – a must, my advice : don’t ever use firefox without it !
  6. Web Developer – one more tool for developers, normal users can skip this.

Hope I will be increasing the list shortly !


One thought on “Real performance enhancing addons for Firefox

  1. Hi,

    I just came across your mention of our PDF Download add-on above and thought I’d contact you to see whether you’d be interested in participating in a private beta for the upcoming PDF Download 2.0. The program starts today and is limited to a small number of existing PDF Download users.

    If this is of interest, please email me privately and I’ll send you info on PDF Download 2.0 and how you can get started with the beta.


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